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Discovery Science tv tablå lördag

05:12 Mythbusters Supernatural Shooters.
06:00 How Do They Do It? Argan Oil; Kamaz Trucks; Canton Tower.
06:26 Food Factory USA Här lagas ostig mat: getost, Cheddar...
06:50 Food Factory USA Fishy Business.
07:14 Food Factory USA Peter Piper Picked a Peck....
07:38 Food Factory USA Mastical Magic.
08:02 Food Factory USA Awesome Sauce.
08:26 How Do They Do It? Forest Fires; Car Exhaust; Space Station.
08:50 How Do They Do It? Spacesuit; Diesel Engines; Neon Signs.
09:14 How Do They Do It? Nuclear Sub; Crash Test Dummies; Fruit and...
09:38 How Do They Do It? Land Mines; Air Boats; Car Warehouse.
10:02 How Do They Do It? Black Boxes; Steam Turbine; Racing Car.
10:26 Invent It Rich Fight Night.
11:14 Invent It Rich Zero Hour.
12:02 Da Vinci's Machines Armoured Tank.
12:50 Da Vinci's Machines Siege Ladder.
13:38 Da Vinci's Machines Scythe Chariot.
14:26 Ecopolis Powering the Future.
15:14 Ecopolis Ultimate Ecopolis.
16:02 Kings of Construction Hoover dam bridge.
16:50 Kings of Construction South Ferry Terminal.
17:40 Kings of Construction Stone Cutters Bridge.
18:30 Man v Expert Kan en normalbegåvad man mäta sig med en...
19:20 You Have Been Warned Ultimate Upgraders.
20:10 Blowing Up History Lost Temples Of The Jungle.
21:00 How It's Made Exercise Bikes; Cornish Pasties; Pasta Makers;...
21:25 How It's Made Power Steering Pumps.
21:50 Supercar Superbuild Dodge Viper.
22:40 Mythbusters: The Search Exploding Grand Finale.
23:30 Mythbusters The Busters of the Lost Myths.
00:20 Mythbusters Accidental Ammo.
01:10 Mythbusters San Francisco Drift.

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