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Discovery Investigation tv tablå idag

05:10 Disappeared Lost Highway.
06:00 Real Emergency Calls No Way Out.
06:25 Pit Bulls & Parolees Devastation.
07:20 I Almost Got Away With It Got to Be the 'Green Baron'.
08:15 Disappeared Silent Night.
09:05 Murder Shift Bloodlines.
10:00 Fatal Encounters In His Father's Eyes.
10:55 The Locator Troy Dunn använder sig av såväl personliga...
11:25 True Crime with Aphrodite Jones A Hollywood Hit.
12:25 Pit Bulls & Parolees Saving Tia Torres.
13:20 Murder Comes to Town Dorothy Did Right.
14:15 Judge Rinder Sarah V Paul, Aaron V Danielle.
15:10 The Locator Troy Dunn använder sig av såväl personliga...
15:35 California Investigator Nosey Neighbour.
16:00 Deadly Affairs Achilles' Heart.
17:00 Solved The Devil Within.
18:00 Disappeared Off the Grid.
19:00 Murder Comes to Town Who's Missing Now.
20:00 Brottscentralen Det här är ett direktsänt program som ger...
21:00 Evil Stepmothers She Can't Hide.
22:00 Murder Comes to Town Open Door Policy.
23:00 Nightmare Next Door One Deadly Night.
23:55 Deadly Women Without Pity.
00:50 Solved The Devil Within.
01:45 Ghost Stalkers Springfield State Hospital.

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