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05:35 How It's Made Mouth-Blown Window Glass, Water Pumps, Sake,...
06:00 How It's Made Statue Restoration, Tripods, Polish Sausages,...
06:25 Wildest Latin America I skogarna kring Orinocofloden i Venezuela...
07:20 Salvage Hunters Drew är i Tyne and Wear och stöter på en...
08:15 Chasing Classic Cars Auburns Have More Fun!.
08:40 Chasing Classic Cars Ultra Rare Rides!.
09:05 Overhaulin' Special - Vera's 1962 Porsche 356.
10:00 Overhaulin' Jim's 1965 Sunbeam Tiger.
11:00 Yukon Men Tough Choices.
12:00 Yukon Men Fresh Blood.
13:00 Yukon Men Pray For Snow.
14:00 Yukon Men Eeling and Dealing.
15:00 Yukon Men Dead of Winter.
16:00 Diesel Brothers There Will Be Mud.
17:00 Diesel Brothers Feed The Beast-Mode.
18:00 Diesel Brothers Hummer Time.
19:00 Wheeler Dealers Chevrolet Camaro.
20:00 Wheeler Dealers Toyota Supra.
21:00 Rocky Mountain Railroad Tunnel To Hell.
22:00 Gold Rush Busted And Bushfixed.
23:00 Kindig Customs New Season, New Headache.
00:00 Blood Feuds Yukon Gold Rush War.
01:00 Mythbusters Indy Car Special.
02:00 Mythbusters Battle of the Sexes - Round 2.
03:00 Naked And Afraid King of the Forest.
03:55 Wheeler Dealers Toyota Supra.
04:45 Kindig Customs New Season, New Headache.

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